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A Little Queen

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A Little Queen is a cinematic novel--a new kind of mixed media novel that encourages students to read and helps them visualize the story. Readers watch the first chapter as a movie via a QR code in the book. Then they read the second chapter as a traditional book, watch the third chapter, read the fourth, etc. Children experience one continuous story as they alternate between video and text.

In A Little Queen, Sara, a young girl in foster care, struggles to be positive and imaginative while facing difficult obstacles. With the help of her favorite stuffed cat, a horse down the road, and a kind neighbor, Sara learns to love those around her--even when it's difficult. Ideal for ages 7-12, A Little Queen is a beautiful story about friendship, unconditional love, adoption, and grace.

Conceived and written by Ansley Burnette and adapted by Anna Johnson, A Little Queen stars Raine Mari as Sara and Allyson Gudeman as Juliet.