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What have teachers, administrators, parents and students been saying about us?

" I have been a teacher for sixteen years, and this is the best grammar program I have ever seen. At first, I saw students struggle (for about two weeks). Now, all I see are the light bulbs and students making connections. Thank you so much! I only wish I had this program earlier. I feel I cheated so many of my previous students." 

- Middle School Language Arts Teacher


"Daily Grammar Practice accomplishes something no other grammar program has been able to accomplish, and that is retention." 

- English/Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator


"I really think Daily Grammar Practice is going to revolutionize the way kids understand grammar." 

- Middle School Language Arts Teacher


"It is amazing and fun to watch my students with Daily Grammar Practice. They are doing very well and absolutely love the program. Even if they have a wrong answer, just their participation and enthusiasm is a big gain." 

- Special Education Teacher


"My students are taking to Daily Grammar Practice like ducks to water! I'm finding that after only a few weeks, our revision conferences are richer and shorter! Daily Grammar Practice is quick, effective, and as much fun for eighth graders as is possible to have in English class." 

- Middle School Language Arts Teacher


"My students have learned so much so quickly with Daily Grammar Practice. It's consistent and structured, and that's important for students just beginning to learn grammar. The boys and girls have fun marking the sentences." 

- Second Grade Teacher


"Our teachers are still talking about your workshop and how awesome it was. How nice it was to have a workshop that gives us information that we can use! Daily Grammar Practice was the rage at our parent conferences in October, and writing across the board is improving." 

- High School English Teacher


"I learned more about grammar and mechanics doing Daily Grammar Practice my sophomore year of high school than I did in all the previous years combined. I felt confident in my writing abilities and in my understanding of the English language. I am now applying that knowledge and succeeding in my Harvard writing courses." 

- College Student


"After using the Daily Grammar Practice system in ESOL classrooms for the past several years, I remain excited about its 'painless' impact on the learning of English grammar. Almost by osmosis, students--even second-language learners--absorb English syntax and other grammar skills that help them better understand our convoluted language system while they sharpen their fluency as writers."

- High School ESOL Teacher


"I have used DGP for years in my classroom, and it works. Although the current way of thinking in education discounts the use of explicit grammar instruction, my experience reveals that DGP is much more than teaching grammar. My students learn to use their notes to uncover the mysteries of each new sentence. They learn to look at what they have already done each day of the week to help them with the diagram. The curriculum teaches them to refer back to something they already learned. Diagramming the sentence is the reward at the end of the week, the puzzle that can only be completed if students have paid attention all week long. It is a thinking exercise, and a valuable life skill. My students have a weekly quiz, different words, but the same sentence structure we analyzed all week, and they can use their notes. This is how we determine who is paying attention in class and who is learning. Again, students can use their notes, which encourages them to utilize resources, a real life skill. There is nothing more exciting in class than to observe students flipping through their notes to extract information, or looking at previous work during the week to help them complete the day's work. This is valuable, but it isn't "sexy," and people who have bought into the "grammar is old school" idea have no idea that Daily Grammar Practice is not only about teaching grammar, but also about teaching thinking, organizing the mind to utilize previous knowledge in order to move forward. My students benefit from DGP, so I'm willing to take the heat. I love DGP." 

- Caroline M, 7th grade teacher, Georgia