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DGP for Classical Christian Schools

Welcome, Classical Christian Educators!

DGP Publishing offers rich and meaningful resources for helping students of all ages to master language arts concepts in both English and Latin. Please visit us in person in the Repairing the Ruins exhibit hall or explore our website to learn more.

Daily Grammar Practice is a logical, effective way to lead students to a deep and meaningful understanding of how all grammar concepts connect at the sentence level in both English and Latin. Students work with one sentence from classical literature or scripture each week, analyzing it further each day. The consistent process takes just a few minutes each day, provides for both inductive and deductive learning, and helps students to see order and beauty in the written and spoken word. We also offer Daily Grammar Practice for students learning French and Spanish.

Daily Reading Practice improves comprehension and helps students think more deeply about the written word. Focusing on just one reading passage for a whole week, students systematically and rigorously practice different reading skills each day. This quick yet thorough process prepares students to better understand everything they read--from scripture to the classics to the daily news. Daily Reading Practice passages represent a wide variety of subjects and genres.

Soli Deo gloria!