Burnette Writing Process

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  • For each writing assignment, students work on a few specific focus skills in the following categories: content, organization, style, conventions, format, and challenge.
  • Focus skills can be individualized to meet the needs of each and every student.
  • Innovative and interactive writing lessons help students to hone their focus skills and understand the complexities of writing.
  • For each final draft, students self-assess, reflect, and annotate to demonstrate their understanding of each focus skill.
  • Because students truly understand the skills, they continue to use them automatically even after moving on to new skills.
  • The use of focus skills and annotation almost completely eliminates plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty.
  • Teacher's guide includes focus skill descriptors, lessons for teaching different skills, reproducible rubrics and progress charts, and more.
  • Grading takes less time--while feedback is more meaningful--because teachers respond to and assess only the focus skills.


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