Daily Spelling Practice One-Year Intensive

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Our one-year spelling book is appropriate for middle and high school students. It provides 180 brief lessons, which include work with spelling rules, sound keys, word building, confusable pairs, and commonly misspelled words.


Curriculum Overview

Student Workbook:

The optional student workbook is not reproducible and does not contain the answer keys found in the teacher guide.

Student Workbook Volume Discount: If you purchase 6-10 workbooks, you will receive a $2.00 discount on each workbook; 11-19 copies $4.00 discount on each; 20-99 copies $6.00 discount on each. You may request a further discount for quantities of 100 or more by contacting Rod at rburnette@dgppublishing.com or 706-745-1005.

Download a Student Workbook sample


Teacher Guide:

Download a Teacher Guide sample


Overhead CD:

This CD contains a PDF with the exercises for each day of Daily Spelling Practice. Because the CD does not include the answer keys, it does not replace the teacher's guide. Also, you cannot print from the CD. The CD is an optional accessory that provides a convenient way to project each day's work if your students are not using workbooks.