DGP Academy Now Delivers Instructional Videos!

Posted by Dawn Burnette on

I am beyond excited to invite you to experience DGP Academy!

I can't tell you how many teachers and parents want to use DGP in their classrooms or homeschools but aren't comfortable with the concepts themselves, making it difficult for them to teach the concepts even with the help of a teacher's guide.

Problem solved!

DGP Academy provides instructional videos that walk you through every day of Daily Grammar Practice. If you're a teacher, these videos (150 of them per grade level) will help you prepare to teach each week's sentence. If you're a homeschooling student, you will have a DGP author as your own personal instructor.

In the videos, I go over each day's work as I would in my own classroom. I explain what the answers are and WHY. I talk about usage issues that come up in the sentences. I pronounce unusual names and define difficult vocabulary words (you're welcome). I answer questions that teachers and students often ask. And I even provide interesting side notes about the sentences or concepts from time to time. As it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to go over any day's DGP, most of the videos are only a few minutes long--some even shorter.

Want to see a sample? Here is an intro message for teachers and parents, an intro message for students working on their own at home, and five videos walking you through five days of DGP. On our product pages, you will find samples for specific grade levels also.




To access DGP Academy, you need to sign up for a free account on the DGP website. If you've ordered from our website before, you probably have an account. If not, you can sign up when you check out.

Then you just purchase the collection you need, it's delivered to you instantly, and your access never expires! You definitely still need a teacher's guide, and your students need either a workbook or photocopies from the teacher's guide, but right now you'll get 40% off the corresponding teacher's guide if you don't already have a copy. Just use the code Teacher40 at checkout!

See why I'm so excited?! Let's do some DGP together!

(If you are unable to order the grade level you want, that means it isn't quite ready yet, but don't worry. It's coming soon! All of the grade levels will be ready to go in time for the 2020-21 school year.)




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