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Less time. More depth. No fluff.

DGP Publishing is proud to offer Daily Grammar Practice, Daily Reading Practice, Daily Spelling Practice, and other language arts materials for all grade levels. Our student-friendly and teacher-friendly resources lead students to a deep and meaningful understanding of concepts. Each day's lessons are organized, quick, and easy to follow so that students can work independently or with guidance.

FREE GIFT #1: Hands-on Reading Comprehension Activities for Elementary Students or English Language Learners!

Click HERE for your FREE, printable, hands-on reading comprehension activity! This PDF includes three different You Can Picture It activities and a quick video overview of how to use them. Though You Can Picture It is for students learning English or reading at an elementary level, we offer grammar, reading comprehension, and spelling for all grade levels. Scroll down for more information and for FREEBIE #2!

Daily Grammar Practice for all grade levels!

Stop wasting time on isolated grammar concepts, and start developing a deeper understanding of grammar and sentence structure. In about ten minutes a day, Daily Grammar Practice helps students understand how all grammar concepts connect in a way that truly impacts writing. And with DGP Academy instructional videos, an expert helps teachers by walking them through each day's lesson! Daily Grammar Practice is available for English, Latin, French, and Spanish, but videos are available for the English versions only.

Daily Reading Practice for all grade levels!

Daily Reading Practice helps new and struggling readers gain confidence and fluency while practicing a wide range of comprehension strategies. And it teaches advanced readers to slow down and analyze text more carefully and purposefully. Students work with one passage for a whole week, studying different aspects of it each day. Passages represent many genres and subjects, so students are better equipped to understand ALL types of texts--both fictional and informational. A hi-lo version also available.

Daily Spelling Practice for all grade levels!

Daily Spelling Practice focuses not on memorization but on phonics, word-building, and spelling attack skills to teach students HOW to spell. Levels available for all ages.

We invite you to explore our website to see why students, parents, and teachers in 50 states and more than 20 countries love our products!

FREE GIFT #2: Word Puzzlers for All Ages!

Click HERE for your your second FREE gift! This PDF includes twelve Word Puzzlers and instructions/resources for using them. The first puzzle is the easiest; the last puzzle is the most difficult.

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